Closing is a Partnership

Case Escrow is dedicated to supporting Buyers and Sellers as they realize their real estate goals; we remain steadfast in performance of our duties at the hub of the transaction.  Here are important ways that Buyers and Sellers can actively influence a successful closing:

Spring into action. The progress of the escrow is highly dependent upon delivery of the information which must be furnished by the parties. Complete and return the opening paperwork as soon as possible.

RSVP. With so many little details, any delay in response time can have a potential domino effect. Always get back to your agent, escrow officer or lender as quickly as you can to be sure the ball keeps rolling.

Let’s chat. There are many personal details which can impact the needs of your transaction. Be sure to have a conversation with your escrow officer early in the process if any of the following conditions exist:

  • You will be out of town sometime during the term of the escrow
  • Someone in your party plans to use a Power of Attorney
  • You intend to use funds from a 401k plan
  • A property tax bill becomes due during the escrow term
  • You wish to effect a tax-deferred exchange in connection with the property
  • You have a recent or pending change in marital status, or you are a married person acting alone in the transaction
  • You have any other personal concern about the process

Together we are better.  Case is honored to be your partner in escrow.