First Installment of Property Taxes: Due November 1st!

Friendly reminder that the First Installment of property taxes are due on NOVEMBER 1, 2018 (and are considered delinquent after December 10, 2018)! To all sellers who are scheduled to close escrow ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 10TH and have not yet issued their First Installment payment: It is in your best interest to pay the tax installment through escrow rather … Read More

Protect Yourself from Wire Fraud

U.S. real estate transactions are prime targets for wire fraud. Considering that diverting a single wire transfer offers an average payout of approximately $169,000, it is clear that Buyers and Sellers should exercise the highest caution when managing their funds in escrow. Technology continues to improve the ease of many workday functions, however it also opens an additional avenue for … Read More