Case Escrow is a California Independent Escrow Company. Lead by a woman renowned in the industry, we strive to offer the very best in escrow services.

Our Inspiration

Case Escrow opened its doors on July 5, 2012 as the proud achievement of Owner and Managing Officer, Catherine Marjanovich, one of San Diego’s most highly respected escrow professionals renowned for her integrity and high level of expertise. With thirty years of growth in the Title and Escrow industry to support her, Catherine embarked upon her vision of leading her own independent escrow organization in which she and her team could create the more personal, boutique setting that better reflected her sense of community and service ideals.

Catherine understands that Escrow is an insistent and exacting profession which demands extraordinary dedication from those who practice it, and she wants Case Escrow to be known for consistently meeting those demands and responding with even greater service than her customers expect.


California Independent Escrow Company

Laws in the State of California permit the practice of escrow under a few different forms of authority.  Among these, Independent Escrow Companies are the only variety under which Escrow Service is the sole focus of business.  Case Escrow is an Independent Escrow Company, licensed and regulated by the Department of Business Oversight (DBO), and required to carry maximum liability and errors & omissions insurance. License #963-2675

As an independent Escrow provider we are subject to the most stringent regulations in the industry.  The licensing process for a DBO-regulated company requires the thorough background investigation of each owner, shareholder and employee by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We are further subject to stringent financial stability requirements, which are regularly tested through unannounced, ‘surprise’ audits by the Department of Business Oversight and the mandatory annual independent audit of a Certified Public Accountant.

To further protect the consumers who participate in escrow transactions, Independent Escrow Companies are required under California State Law to maintain membership in the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation, which provides fidelity coverage for member trust accounts in the amount of $5 million.  This surety bond guarantees that in the event of any loss from trust account funds, our consumers’ deposits are protected.

What is Escrow?


What we do

Case Escrow serves as a neutral third party stakeholder who enables a fair and equitable transfer of property from one person to another without personal interest or bias.   As the escrow holder, we receive and disburse money and documents only upon evidence that all provisions and conditions of a mutually executed contract have been satisfied.  We remain steadfast in our duty to secure and protect the legal transfer documents and monies placed under our care, and close and convey title only when all of the provisions of the escrow have been fulfilled.

We offer services for a variety of Real Estate transactions, including: purchases, refinances, short sales, foreclosures, condo conversions, subdivision sales, traditional and reverse exchanges, and commercial sales.

Our goal is to provide expertise and the best possible customer service to buyers, sellers, borrowers and lenders, along with their representatives and agents.   We strive to perform our duties with forward focus, ready to address the next step as we arrive at the completion of the last.  Our team remains at the ready to assist our customers with knowledge and experience throughout the process, working together toward a smooth and timely closing.

Meet our Team