The IRS and your Sale Escrow

Some key factors to know about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and your sale escrow:

  • The IRS requires that settlement agents report the sales they close 
  • The report is submitted by the filing of Form 1099-S 
  • Certain transactions do not have to be reported 
    • No report is submitted for a Corporation Seller 
    • No report is submitted under certain Residing Seller certifications 
      • Married = $500,000 (or less) sale
      • Single = $250,000 (or less) sale 
  • The reporting of a transaction does not create a tax obligation 
    • Any related tax obligation is determined through the income tax filing process 
  • Form 1099-S is concerned only with the Gross Proceeds (Sales Price) 
  • The full Sales Price is reported for each Seller unless Sellers furnish an alternate allocation 
    • The allocation cannot be inferred by a title vesting or distribution of net proceeds 

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