Property Tax Prorations Chart

Who pays what and when? At the closing of any real estate transaction, property expenses should be divided fairly between the buyer and the seller so that each party is paying only for those days which he/she owns the property. Who pays what and when varies greatly depending on the close date! Download our Property Tax Proration Chart for an … Read More

Your Guide to California Real Estate Withholding Forms

No matter the time of year, State Income Taxes must be considered during every California real estate transaction.  All parties to the sale can use our new guide to help navigate the various FTB Real Estate Withholding Forms which will be distributed by the Real Estate Escrow Person (REEP – that’s us)!” Use this free guide to learn more about … Read More

Closing the Deal

You’ve completed volumes of paperwork, answered a million questions, and learned a whole new vocabulary – so how do you finally get to the big prize: Closing Day? Depending on the complexity of your transaction, you may spend what feels like extended periods without hearing from anyone. This usually occurs when things are going well, and your assistance is not … Read More