Holding an Interest in Real Property

One of the most important decisions homebuyers must make is determining how their legal interests will be reflected in the Grant Deed that records at the close of escrow. The manner in which the ownership interest of each party is stated is called the vesting of title to real property. The vesting defines the share of ownership each holds, and … Read More

The Life of an Escrow… and a Free Download!

From the moment a Realtor delivers a Purchase Agreement to escrow to the distribution of final Closing Statements, the escrow process will follow many paths. Each transaction is different and requires its own plan of execution to ensure a smooth and successful close. The “Life of an Escrow” is furnished here in an easy-to-follow outline of the various ways to … Read More

Behind the Curtain: Invisible Escrow Tasks

Much of the escrow process is hidden from public view, and its function is often a mystery to the outside world.  To a great extent, this is due to the confidentiality of the information we encounter, but it also results from a variety of ancillary tasks which settlement agents must perform in every escrow as a result of government regulation.  … Read More

Close on Schedule: Agent’s Edition!

Close on Schedule – Agent’s Edition What agents can do to ensure that properties in escrow will close on target: Send your property profile to escrow along with the contract Provide your client’s contact information to escrow immediately Ask questions about anything that concerns you Prepare your client to expect a crucial package of forms (And tell them to return … Read More

The Importance of Seeking Qualified Counsel

There are sensitive matters of real property and contract law, and many important tax considerations, which surround the sale and purchase of a California home. While the California Association of Realtors, American Land Title Association and California Escrow Association have developed thorough and effective documents and tools to facilitate the process, consumers should remain vigilant in their approach to a … Read More

Did you know? Webcam Notarization

California is expected to join several other states by allowing Remote Online Notarization effective in the near future.  Once again, the future is upon us. Learn more on the National Notary Association website here.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) funding for Water Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects By offering up to 100% financing on qualifying improvements, PACE can eliminate the need for homeowners to pay out of pocket for qualifying home improvement projects and, depending upon the type of improvements, amortize repayment for up to 20 years. PACE financing is collected through the Real Property … Read More

Close on Schedule: Buyer’s Edition!

#WeAreOnTheCase with our next “Close on Schedule” installment! As a Buyer, closing might bring along some anxiety… But that doesn’t have to be the #Case! Staying proactive and being prepared is key. Here is a quick list of what Buyers can do to help ensure their purchase will close on target: Make sure your agent has your best contact info … Read More

State Restrictions on Closing Funds

Confirm the ‘Clear’ Status of your Down Payment Regulations of the State of California impose restrictions on the kind of funds which may be accepted for closing escrow. Prepare to deposit closing funds in the form of a Wire Transfer (or a Cashiers Check two days in advance) Learn more at: http://codes.findlaw.com/ca/insurance-code/ins-sect-12413-1.html Your Case Escrow Officer is prepared to advise you regarding … Read More

Closing is a Partnership

Case Escrow is dedicated to supporting Buyers and Sellers as they realize their real estate goals; we remain steadfast in performance of our duties at the hub of the transaction.  Here are important ways that Buyers and Sellers can actively influence a successful closing: Spring into action. The progress of the escrow is highly dependent upon delivery of the information … Read More