First Installment of Property Taxes: Due November 1st!

Friendly reminder that the First Installment of property taxes are due on NOVEMBER 1, 2018 (and are considered delinquent after December 10, 2018)! To all sellers who are scheduled to close escrow ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 10TH and have not yet issued their First Installment payment: It is in your best interest to pay the tax installment through escrow rather … Read More

Property Tax Prorations Chart

Who pays what and when? At the closing of any real estate transaction, property expenses should be divided fairly between the buyer and the seller so that each party is paying only for those days which he/she owns the property. Who pays what and when varies greatly depending on the close date! Download our Property Tax Proration Chart for an … Read More

Your Guide to California Real Estate Withholding Forms

No matter the time of year, State Income Taxes must be considered during every California real estate transaction.  All parties to the sale can use our new guide to help navigate the various FTB Real Estate Withholding Forms which will be distributed by the Real Estate Escrow Person (REEP – that’s us)!” Use this free guide to learn more about … Read More

The Importance of Seeking Qualified Counsel

There are sensitive matters of real property and contract law, and many important tax considerations, which surround the sale and purchase of a California home. While the California Association of Realtors, American Land Title Association and California Escrow Association have developed thorough and effective documents and tools to facilitate the process, consumers should remain vigilant in their approach to a … Read More

Close on Schedule: Buyer’s Edition!

#WeAreOnTheCase with our next “Close on Schedule” installment! As a Buyer, closing might bring along some anxiety… But that doesn’t have to be the #Case! Staying proactive and being prepared is key. Here is a quick list of what Buyers can do to help ensure their purchase will close on target: Make sure your agent has your best contact info … Read More

Close on Schedule: Seller’s Edition!

Closing can be a stressful process for all parties involved. By being prepared, however, you can alleviate some of this strain and close on time! Here is a quick list of what Sellers can do to help ensure their property sale will close on target: Make sure your agent has your best contact info Know when your agent plans to … Read More

The County Office at your Service

Residents of San Diego County can manage many common civic errands simply with e-links and fillable forms available on the County Office website: Applications for Tax Reassessment Vital Records requests Change of Address forms Find the complete list of forms and services at: Looking for more helpful resources? Check out our list of helpful links here! Case Escrow is proud … Read More